1. Our contact details
    This website is the official webshop for products sold by Vinorage.Vinorage
    Terndrupvej 69
    9460 Brovst
    Telephone: 28 97 95 23 / 51 89 51 13
    E-mail: kontakt@vinorage.dk
    Website: www.vinorage.dk
    CVR-no. 38765523If you have questions about how to use our website/shop or about our product range, you are always welcome to call or send an e-mail. If you are looking for a customised article which we do not have in the webshop, do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry – we will do our best to help.
  2. Prices, remaining orders and discontinued products
    Alle priser her på siden er angivet i DKK ekskl. moms, og priserne er gældende på købstidspunktet. Det kan hænde, at en vare – eller dele af en løsning – er udsolgt, i restordre eller udgået på købstidspunktet. I så fald vil vi kontakte dig.
  3. Order
    All prices on this page are indicated in DKK excl. VAT, and the prices are applicable at the time of the purchase. In some cases, a product – or parts of a package solution – are sold out, among the remaining orders or discontinued at the time of the purchase. In that case we will contact you.
  4. Payment
    Payment for articles purchased at vinorage.dk are made in cash in DKK, by bank transfer, visa or another payment card shown. All financial transactions through vinorage.dk take place via a safe crypted connection. Vinorage does not save your payment details, and when your payment has been completed, all information about your payment card is erased. Payment of orders take place in two instalments: The first instalment is a deposit which constitutes 25 % of the total purchase amount, including VAT and shipping fees (if any). The amount is deducted on your payment card when you place the order. If you choose to pay via bank transfer, the order will not be accepted and the article produced, until the first instalment has reached our account. Information about how to carry out the bank transfer will be sent by e-mail when the order has been completed at vinorage.dk. The second instalment constitutes the remaining 75 % of the total amount, including VAT and shipping fees (if any). When you place your order, you accept that the second instalment will automatically be withdrawn on your payment card, when the article is invoiced and shipped. If you receive a new payment card with new details during the period between the first and second instalment, or if your payment card details change for other reasons, with the result that the second instalment cannot be withdrawn (using the same details as those used for the payment of the first instalment), you are obliged to inform Vinorage immediately and confirm how you will be paying the second instalment, before the delivery of the ordered goods. If it is not possible to withdraw the second instalment on the account with the card details which you have provided in connection with your order, and if you have not paid the second instalment in another way before the delivery date, Vinorage is entitled to demand that the purchase agreement is completed as agreed and keep both the products and the deposit, so you lose the first instalment. In addition, Vinorage can claim compensation for its loss as a consequence of your negligence of the payment of the second instalment.
  5. Risk of accidental destruction or deterioration
    The risk of accidental destruction or damage of the ordered goods is not transferred to the buyer, until the buyer is in possession of the ordered goods.
  6. Delivery
    Vinorage delivers to addresses on islands with bridge access all over Denmark. The delivery time can vary depending on the product in question, but will be indicated on your order confirmation. If your order is delayed, we will send you an e-mail with information. If you do not live on an island with bridge access, please contact us about delivery.

    Foreign customers: Please contact us to discuss possible delivery options for your country.

  7. Disclaimer and warranty
    In accordance with the purchase law, Vinorage provides a full two-year warranty on all products, if the product does not function as intended or breaks while using it as commonly recommended.
    However, Vinorage cannot be held accountable for direct or indirect loss caused by the delayed delivery of the ordered goods to the buyer, or because the ordered goods have defects, or in cases where the delay or the defaults are caused by the buyer’s actions, negligence or other circumstances beyond Vinorage’s control – such as war, rebellion, riots, fire, state interventions, seizure, exchange restrictions, industrial conflicts of any kind, including strikes and lock-outs.
  8. Complaints, right of renunciation and product return
    Private consumers usually have a right of renunciation of 14 days when buying goods online. In these sales conditions, this right has been waived for the following reason: In Vinorage, all ordered articles are customised on the individual buyers’ needs and wishes. The products are hence manufactured in accordance with the measures and specifications provided by the buyer. The production of the ordered articles is automatically initiated immediately after the buyer has placed his order and the payment has been completed. For the reasons mentioned above, buyers of products from Vinorage accept that the right of renunciation is limited. If you wish to change an order, you need to inform Vinorage within 12 hours after placing your order.
  9. Shipping damage
    The buyer must examine the article for shipping damage upon delivery before acknowledging receipt. The buyer should check whether the packaging is broken, or whether there are other indications of damage. Lastly, the ordered number of articles should correspond to the delivered number of articles. In case of damage, the order is received subject to the provisions in the shipping document. Please contact Vinorage at kontakt@vinorage.dk within 24 hours to inform us of the damage. Please note: We recommend that you confirm receipt of the order despite the damage, as any redelivery will take place at your expense. Photos of the damage should be taken before opening the packaging. Otherwise, the right to complain is repealed. If the shipping document is signed by the buyer without any comments, it is not possible to claim compensation for shipping damage or missing units. In that case, Vinorage is unable to correct the damage or produce a new article free of charge.
  10. Defects and deficiencies
    After the order has been delivered at your address, you must examine it carefully for any defects and deficiencies. Please review the order and compare with your order confirmation to check that you have received what you ordered. In case of defects and deficiencies, you should submit a claim in this regard within 8 days after the delivery of the order. Photos of defects/deficiencies should be taken before mounting the article. Otherwise, the right of renunciation is repealed. Please note: Do not mount the article, until you have received a response to your claim.
  11. Complaints and warranty
    The buyer can make claims in pursuance of the applicable Danish laws, if a purchased article should have defects or deficiencies against our expectations. As a buyer at Vinorage you therefore have at least a right of renunciation of 24 months. Please note: Unfortunately, we cannot sell our goods internationally (this includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands). Our guarantee does not include products mounted in other countries (this includes Greenland and the Faroe Islands). Naturally, it is a condition that the claim is justified. The deficiency should not arise as a consequence of faulty use or mounting of the product or other damaging practices. All claims should be made at: kontakt@vinorage.dk. Please attach photo documentation of the damage. Damage during shipping should be notified within 24 hours after the buyer receives the order delivery. In case of defects and deficiencies, the buyer has 8 days to submit a claim. Please note: The buyer should wait to mount the product, until he or she has received a response to the claim.
    Defects or deficiencies which arise subsequently, within the regular claim period, should be notified as soon as possible at: kontakt@vinorage.dk. Vinorage is entitled to remedy the damage, within a reasonable period of time, change the articles or accept returns of the articles in question. If the claim is justified, Vinorage can take action by remedying the damage, providing a replacement of the article or giving the client a refund. If Vinorage delivers a new article, mounting expenses are not covered.
  12. Data protection
    Any data which you provide in connection with shopping at our website will be used exclusively to facilitate an easy and convenient shopping experience. No information which identifies the individual visitor will be disclosed to a third party.
  13. Disclaimer and provisions for changes
    We strive to ensure that all information at www.vinorage.dk is correct. Price changes, sold-out products, remaining orders and unintended errors may occur on the website. We reserve the right to disclaim responsibility for defects or deficiencies or any modifications which have been made in this regard. Unless otherwise indicated, no employee, associate or representative from Vinorage can be held accountable for any damage which has occurred as a consequence of using the website or the products which are sold on this website. Vinorage reserves the right to amend and update the terms and conditions which are applicable on this website. Therefore, it is important that you keep informed about such changes on a regular basis.