Customised elevation cellar for the storage of valuables / elevation for the storage of valuables

Complete Vinorage wine cellar with elevation – allowing a layout as desired, adapted to your needs for the storage of jewellery, watches, shoes, medals, or something else entirely. There is an infinite amount of possibilities.

A Vinorage elevation cellar is a complete cellar including glass door, electric motor, shelves, and dimmable LED light.

This is one of our standard sizes, but we also make cellars and glass doors to custom specifications.


Cellar dimensions:Door dimensions:
  • Length (mm): 1,500
  • Width (mm): 940
  • Depth (mm): 1,170
  • Length (mm): 1,530
  • Width (mm): 970

PRICE: ONLY 15.405 €

 incl. 25% VAT

Delivered assembled and ready for installation. Pay 25% of the total amount upon order. The remaining 75% is paid upon shipping or picking up your wine cellar.


Europe: 500 €
Rest of the world: Ask for price


The chassis and steel frame of the door are made of 100% stainless steel


The wine cellar opens with an electric motor


Adapt the layout of the elevation cellar to match your needs


Protect your valuables with a passcode for opening


Choose from steel, black, brass or optional colour

The exclusive alternative with elevation

The elevation cellar which allows individual layout is the latest variant of Vinorage’s exclusive wine cellars.

By pressing a button, you can lift your unique collection above floor level. A piece of furniture in itself, which serves as a perfect storage solution for your belongings and valuables and radiates extreme exclusiveness at the same time.

The cellar can be designed to store your collections, belongings and valuables. Contact us for a customised solution, allowing us to jointly design a cellar that precisely matches your demands.

Quality-tested and ready for installation

The Vinorage elevation cellar is delivered completely assembled and ready for installation. The cellar is produced after ordering by our professional craftsmen in Denmark who ensure quality control of all mechanical parts after production. In other words, when you receive your Vinorage elevation cellar, you are guaranteed a ready-for-installation and quality-tested solution.

Moreover, we are always ready to help and give you advice – from the choice of solution, to the complete installation of the wine cellar.

Please contact us by phone +45 28 97 95 23 or +45 51 89 51 13.

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