Complete Vinorage Table with Built-in Bar and Elevation – Exclusive and Optimal Wine Storage

Create a unique table in your home that, in true Vinorage style, creates a gathering point beyond the ordinary. Our custom-made complete table features a built-in bar and elevation. You have complete freedom to customize and influence the table’s expression with your choice of materials. Tailor the tabletop to match your unique home style and continue to cover the table leg, which elegantly blends with the table and elevates the bar to the center of the table with a lift.

With a Vinorage table, you get a fully equipped table with a glass door, an electric motor, and adjustable LED lighting – all at no extra cost. Experience personal elegance and practical functionality combined in one piece of furniture.

It is available in the following standard size, but we also make tables and glass doors to custom specifications.


Table Dimensions:
  • Length (mm): 2,800 mm
  • Depth (mm): 1,200 mm

PRICE: FROM 6.020 €

 incl. 25% VAT

The case and tabletop come ready for assembly. You pay 25% of the total amount at the time of ordering. The remaining 75% is paid on shipment or when picking up your table.


Europe: 500 €
Rest of the world: Ask for price


The chassis and elevation are made of steel


The bar is opened with a battery-powered electric motor


The material of the tabletop and the leg’s covering can be customized exactly to your wishes

Exclusive Alternative with Elevation

The unique table from Vinorage is our latest piece of furniture, designed to make your wine collection an elegantly integrated part of your home. The table is equipped with the well-known Vinorage concept, familiar from some of our other wine storage solutions. This includes an elevation function built into the table leg, creating the opportunity for your wine collection to be elegantly presented at the table during any festive occasion, or simply when you wish to enjoy a bottle of wine.

The built-in battery is rechargeable, but you can also choose to have the table connected directly to a power outlet. This provides you with a piece of furniture that offers flexibility to change the setup or create a more minimalist look when the elevation function is not in use. Regardless of your choice, the table offers you an aesthetic wine storage solution at the center of your home.

The tabletop and the leg’s covering can be delivered in the material and finish you desire. If you want a tailored solution, feel free to contact us – we are of course also happy to assist with that.

Quality Tested and Ready for Installation

The Vinorage table with built-in bar and elevation comes fully assembled. The table is produced to order by our skilled craftsmen in Denmark, who inspect the mechanical parts after manufacturing. When you receive your Vinorage table, you are guaranteed a solution that is ready for installation and has been quality tested.

Additionally, we are naturally ready to provide help and advice.

Contact us by phone at +45 28 97 95 23 or +45 51 89 51 13.

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