Regardless of the chosen model with a capacity of 140 or up to 1,000 bottles of wine, the Vinorage wine cellar is easy and quick to install in your home. The squared design makes the processing and excavation of the wine cellar so simple and clear that you and any workers avoid unnecessarily complicated casting works or adjustments.

6 simple steps for installation

  • Excavation adjusts to the dimensions of the wine cellar
  • Lowering of the wine cellar into the floor
  • Connection of ventilation hoses and electric cables
  • Casting of the footing
  • Flooring
  • Installation of the glass door

With the purchase of the wine cellar, a detailed installation guide is included; it describes and illustrates the installation process step-by-step.

Installation requirements

To obtain the best possible result with your Vinorage wine cellar, the installation must take place on a flat floor surface on either the ground or basement level, where you can freely exploit the constant temperature of the soil.

The wine cellar is especially popular as a creative and elegant addition to the kitchen, living room, conservatory or clubroom, and can be installed in both new buildings or adjusted to an already existing floor.

Regardless of your wishes and challenges, you are guaranteed a wine cellar, which will be the centrepiece of any room in any type of home.

Parts of the wine cellar

Our wine cellar is equipped with complete LED lighting along the steel walls of the wine cellar, and with air outlets for the integrated ventilation system.
Once the wine cellar is installed, the air hoses are connected to the ventilation system, and the electric cables are connected to the nearest power source, the glass door is ready to be installed.
Your Vinorage wine cellar is then ready to be used and will be tempered within a few days.
Regardless of the season or the wine cellar’s location in the house, the ventilation system provides optimal air circulation, thus optimal conditions for your wine collection.