Wine cellar for new construction

Vinorage, customer testimonial, Xander Aabye

In a previous residence, Xander Aabye had implemented a wine cooling room – this as a built-in wall element. However, he quickly realized that the solution was impractical: The cooling room took up a lot of space and the power consumption added up on the electricity bill. So when Xander Aabye was about to build a new house, he was not in doubt – he needed wine storage that wouldn’t swallow up living space or electricity. Therefore, he chose a 600-bottle wine cellar from Vinorage.

Danish-made quality product

Vinorage wine cellars are produced in the Jutlandic town of Tranum. In fact, the wine cellars are made by the Vinorage brothers themselves, who have direct contact with customers. And according to Xander Aabye, this is an absolute quality stamp:

“I had an expectation that with the wine cellar, I would own a good, solid craftsmanship. And it must be said that matches the Vinorage product I have now received,” he says, continuing:

“Everything about the wine cellar is just luxurious, and the quality is top-notch: It cools perfectly as it should through earth cooling, and the door slides open and shut without any problems – every time. And it just gives a cool effect in the house. Everyone who comes and sees our house for the first time stops by the wine cellar and asks if they can try going down into it.”

Jutlanders who keep their promises

According to Xander Aabye, the collaboration with Vinorage has gone very well, and he doesn’t hesitate for a second to recommend others to deal with Vinorage:

“The Vinorage guys are Jutlanders in the most positive sense of the word. They keep their promises and don’t try to oversell anything. They have been helpful every time I’ve had questions – both in the initial buying phase and during the installation itself.”