A boyhood dream comes true

Vinorage, customer testimonial, Flemming Skov

When Flemming Skov and his wife were building an extension to their villa in Skødstrup near Aarhus, there was room for what Flemming calls a boyhood dream; namely, a wine cellar. And with a capacity of 600 bottles, the Vinorage wine cellar provides precisely the wow factor to the home that Flemming desired:

“We contacted Vinorage, which, in addition to providing an exclusive product of high quality, also delivered fantastic service. We were invited to see an existing wine cellar with 200 bottles, and based on that, we assessed that our needs leaned towards a slightly larger model. Vinorage has guided us through the entire decision and purchasing process, and I can only recommend the service we’ve received. Instead of 2-3 wine refrigerators, we now have the entire wine collection in one place. To me, this is the ultimate wine storage solution.”