A customer about a customised wine cellar: “It’s completely perfect!”

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With a solution for both wine and food, which is also nice-looking, energy and space-saving, Asger Lauridsen and his wife got a wine cellar according to their wishes.

In addition to the short distance to the bathing pier and the fantastic view of the Øresund, the location of Asger Lauridsen’s house makes the moisture level in the ground below the house very high because of the salt water from the sea nearby. The house in Klampenborg is located ringside to the Øresund, but thanks to the stainless steel design of the Vinorage cellar, the short distance to the water has not limited the deepening and location of the wine cellar.

“Since the wine cellar is placed quite deep below floor level, the choice of materials and quality played a decisive role to us. As the wine cellar is made of stainless steel, it will not be eroded by the moist and salty soil conditions.”

That is what Asger Lauridsen says about the wine cellar solution, which he and his wife have enjoyed in their home in Klampenborg since the spring of 2018.

Customised wine cellar

“We contacted Vinorage, because we wanted a customised solution. We had some wishes for the dimensions and size of the cellar that we discussed with Rasmus and René, and they totally got us from the very beginning,” says Asger Lauridsen, who, in his own words, got a customised wine cellar, perfect for his home.

“First of all, it ensures that our wines are always stored at the right temperatures, but it also has a nice design and does not take up much space.”

He says that the underground cellar from Vinorage is not only used for storing wines, but also for other drinks and food, well-stored at the cellar’s average temperature of 12 degrees.

No electricity use – economical in operation and soundless

In addition to a nice design and the optimal storage conditions for both wine and food, Asger Lauridsen also highlights the fact that the wine cellar from Vinorage does not use electricity, which was a great advantage and a decisive factor for the couple’s choice: “It really means a lot to us that it is an environmentally friendly solution. Since it does not use electricity, it is energy-saving, and there are no costs related to keeping it running once it is installed. Further, it does not make any noise at all, so except for the window in the floor, you don’t actually notice it.”

Impeccable collaboration with Vinorage

Asger Lauridsen and his wife will continue to recommend Vinorage to other wine enthusiasts:

“We are so happy about our wine cellar and have experienced a really positive collaboration with Vinorage, in terms of the final result, but also in terms of the process itself,” he explains and clarifies:

“Rasmus and René made sure that we got a solution, which meets our wishes and needs, and we enjoyed a really good dialogue with them all the way through. It’s great to collaborate with two reliable guys who believe that a deal is a deal, and deliver a fantastic product of an impeccable quality on time.”