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Torben & Charlotte - Birkerød

Wine cellar with a capacity of 200 bottles

When Torben and his wife were going to build a conservatory, they chanced upon Vinorage advertisement. They decided to make room for a wine cellar in the new additional building, and they have never regretted this decision.
“Now, we have a fully functional wine cellar with a capacity of more than 200 bottles, and we have already enjoyed it a lot.”

Asger Lauridsen

Customised solution

Only 3 metres away from the water, the location of Asger Lauridsen's house sets high demands on the quality of an underground cellar solution. However, thanks to the design made of high-quality stainless steel, there is no risk that the high level of moisture and salt under the house will destroy Asger Lauridsen's customised Vinorage cellar, used for storing wine and food.
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