About Vinorage

The story behind our wine cellars
In 2015, Rasmus Glindvad Kristensen bought his parents' old villa from the 1980s with his girlfriend, Charlotte. Time had left its mark on the house, so they embarked on an extensive renovation. Rasmus dreamed of integrating a wine fridge into the kitchen, but Charlotte felt there wasn't enough space. After the renovation, Rasmus continued to dream about his wine fridge and started experimenting with the idea of a wine room. However, he realised that it might mean sacrificing one of the planned children's rooms, which would probably not be popular.
Inspired by old crawl spaces
At the time, both brothers worked as blacksmiths specialising in stainless steel, and in their spare time they started drawing, cutting, bending and welding their first wine cellar together. Inspiration came from stories told by their grandparents about how the natural temperature of the earth was used in the old days to cool food and drinks in crawl spaces. The first wine cellar was produced in the old pigsty on René's abandoned farm in Tranum.
Charlotte was convinced of the idea and at home they cut a hole in the new living room floor to install the first "Vinorage" wine cellar.
The beginning of an entrepreneurial adventure
Rasmus and Rene then created a simple website. Even though designing websites wasn't part of their blacksmithing programme, they managed to get it up and running, and together with Rene's wife, Nete, who is creative and good at photography, they also created a Facebook page.
It only took 14 days for the first customer to call and order a wine cellar. This was their first sale, and like ripples in the water, more and more people started asking for their wine cellars.
"Vækst Jammerbugt"
Rasmus and Rene were recommended to contact Jammerbugt Municipality's entrepreneurial network, where they received valuable advice and mentoring in strategy and marketing. Flemming Jensen from "Vækst Jammerbugt" connected the brothers with Bjarne Lyngsø, who is now chairman of the board of Vinorage. Bjarne and Flemming have been involved from the start and to the success that the company is today. Later, Jens Nielsen, a successful businessman with extensive experience from e.g. TL Byg, joined the board.
In 2018, they were honoured with an entrepreneurial award from Jammerbugt Municipality, and in 2020 Vinorage was nominated Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young.
At the end of 2022, the brothers expanded their activities from the smithy in the old pigsty to a larger and more modern workshop in Brovst, where the company can grow in the coming years.
For the year 2023, Vinorage received the Børsen Gazelle Award for their impressive growth. The Gazelle Award is given to the fastest growing companies in the country and marks the latest chapter in Vinorage's entrepreneurial adventure.